In December of 1999 Curaçao Ecocity Projects N.V. started the aloe vera plantation in Curaçao. The plantation covers an area of 10 acres, 5 of which are used to cultivate the more than 100,000 specimens that are growing at our plantation at this moment.
Foundation Tooby and Tooby-projects aim to make kids aware of environmental issues in the world (including the beautiful island of Curaçao) like waste disposal and pollution. It also emphasizes the importance of solutions that we, as ordinary people, can contribute to in our everyday lives, such as recycling and reducing.
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Bedrijvenplatform Milieu (BPM), internationally known as the Curacao Business Council for Sustainable Development, was founded in November 2007 as a non-profit association for businesses, with its main focus being sustainable development and exchanging knowledge and experience in the areas of Environment, Quality and Occupational Health and Safety management (EQOHS).
The Cathedral of Thorns is a building-sized illuminated labyrinth on the Caribbean Island of Curaçao. Visitors are invited to walk through its corridors and experience an artistic journey through a troublesome history toward a bright future - both sides represented by the hostile yet beautiful thorns.
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