‘Curaçao bevorderen tot sporttoeristische bestemming

Een stagnerende economie. Hoge jeugdwerkloosheid. Bezorgdheid om de toekomst van de raffinaderij, leegstaande hotels en het uitblijven van broodnodige investeringen: de ontwikkeling van het eiland heeft dringend een boost nodig. ,,Sport biedt daartoe legio kansen,” zegt Thakaidzwa Doran, directeur van Fundashon Desaroyo Deportivo Kòrsou (FDDK). ,,In geen enkele discussie over herstel van onze economie mag het onderwerp sporttoerisme ontbreken.”


‘Medische sector spendeert miljoenen teveel’ 

De gezondheidszorg op Curaçao kan beter èn goedkoper, daar is inspecteur-generaal voor de Volksgezondheid Jan Huurman stellig van overtuigd. Voorwaarde is, zegt hij, dat de vraag naar medische zorg daalt, middels preventie van leefstijl gebonden aandoeningen, en dat de beschikbare fondsen beter worden benut.  ,,Artsen op Curaçao schrijven te ruimhartig medicijnen, labtesten en echo’s voor. Dat moet minder.” 


Klein Curaçao, Oostpunt and Caracasbaai candidates for marine protection

Willemstad - The coral reefs around Curaçao have lost more than 50 percent of the living coral since 1982. This is shown by researchers from the Waitt Instute, who also found that the fish stock is extremely low in the waters of Banda’bou and Westpunt. Experts advise the government to designate so-called marine protected areas (MPAs), areas that are left completely untouched.

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Farming for a sustainable future

‘We are the first culture in human civilization that eats routinely unpronounceable food; we are the first culture in human civilization that eats food that you can’t make in your kitchen. Have you ever tried to make high fructose corn syrup in your kitchen?’ This is one of many quotes of Joel Salatin, the famous American farmer who wants to rekindle your relationship with food. Following his advice, Roland van Reenen and Gianne Balentien, are leading a young movement of local farmers in Curaçao who maintain integrity in the food they produce.

Shell neglects its own warnings about climate change

Confidential documents show that Shell sounded the alarm about global warming as early as 1986. But despite this clear-eyed view of the risks, the oil giant has lobbied against strong climate legislation for decades. Today we make Shell’s 1991 film, Climate of Concern, public again.

Groundwork for health and wellness tourism

Willemstad - Curaçao aims to become a top wellness travel destination. The current Minister of Economic Development Eugene Rhuggenaath (PAR), Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Suzy Camelia-Römer (PNP), former Minister of Health, Environment and Nature Siegfried Victorina (SP) and former Minister of Finance Jose Jardim (Pais), signed a national decree on the development of an Economic Zone for non-medical treatments and wellness initiative.

CHATA welcomes new young leader

Willemstad- The Curaçao Hotel and Tourism Association has welcomed Miles Mercera (28) as successor of CHATA President & CEO Lizanne Dindial who stepped down after 5 years in the post. Shortly before leaving Dindial signed a Sustainability MOU with Bedrijvenplatform Milieu (BPM), reinforcing the efforts of CHATA’s Sustainability Task Force to enhance sustainability in Curaçao through the tourism & hospitality sector and CHATA Members.


‘In elke wijk een Farmers Market’

Hij wil nog meemaken dat alles wat er op Curaçao verbouwd kan worden, niet meer wordt geïmporteerd. Henny Barbolina (53), scheikundige én specialist in permacultuur, gelooft dat de Curaçaose gemeenschap zich te afhankelijk opstelt en veel meer zelf kan. ,,We importeren de gekste dingen. Voedingsproducten waarvan we niet weten waar deze precies vandaan komen, hoe ze behandeld zijn, wat erin zit. Als we bereid zijn om onze eetgewoonten aan te passen, meer lokale groente en fruit te eten, dan kunnen we veel meer zelf produceren. En van betere kwaliteit.”


‘Bescherm de haaien in Caribische zee’

Haaien hebben meer te lijden van mensen dan andersom. Werden er in 2015 wereldwijd zes mensen door haaien gedood, in datzelfde jaar stierven honderd miljoen haaien door menselijk toedoen. In de Curaçaose wateren komen minder haaien voor dan het aantal dat nodig is om het ecosysteem in stand te houden.


Why do some earthquakes cause tsunamis while others don't?

First there is no easy two sentence answer for this question. A few factors come into play: the strength of the quake, the direction of the temblor's motion and the topography of the seafloor.

Curaçao as a new gateway for international commodity trading

A long term lease agreement between Curaçao Airport Holdings (CAH) and C-MCC Development Group LLC, was signed in Curaçao recently.  The agreement provides for the Airport Terminal Building, and 200 additional acres – 81 hectares – for the development of the Curaçao-Multi Commodities Centre (C-MCC) Worldwide Free Trade Zone. The C-MCC will be the economic engine to spur development in Curaçao’s Airport City as well as stimulating trade throughout the Americas.


A circular approach to business

Willemstad - Today's linear ‘take, make, dispose’ economic model relies on large quantities of cheap, easily accessible materials and energy, and is a model that is reaching its physical limits. Through a change in perspective we can re-design the way our economy works - designing products that can be 'made to be made again' and powering the system with renewable energy. Next Tuesday the University of Curacao is the venue for a training workshop on Circular Economy and inherent business opportunities

World’s first successful lab breeding of corals

To repopulate reef Curaçao offers new hope for coral reefs. Global change and local threats such as pollution, over-fishing and coastal development are real threats to coral reefs on Curaçao and other Caribbean islands.

Race for sustainability.

Over the last eight years, the Curaçao Business Council for Sustainable Development has successfully raised awareness, seeing its membership grow from 6 to 60 companies. ‘Now we feel the time is for action,’ says John Amarica, chairman, who emphasizes the importance of adherence to international standards. ‘If we continue to use resources irresponsibly — if we continue to waste food, water and energy — we are not even in the race.”

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‘Iedere patiënt is een parel’

,,Over mijn patiënten onthoud ik alles”, zegt oncoloog Herbert ‘Bob’ Pinedo. ,,Ik neem ook de tijd om de patiënt goed te onderzoeken. Echt goed.” Een citaat uit zijn biografie ‘De ontdekkingsreis van Bob Pinedo’, opgetekend door medisch journalist René Steenhorst.


‘Curaçao moet voor support naar Brussel’

De status van Curaçao als een van de Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) van de Europese Unie geeft toegang tot Europese fondsen. Nasha Desbarida, afgestudeerd in Europees recht, doet promotieonderzoek naar de financieringskansen voor Curaçao. ,,De EU promoot duurzame ontwikkeling. Dit vereist een mentaliteitsverandering bij de Curaçaose overheid en de bevolking.” 

Welcoming wellness travelers in Curaçao

Wellness is one of the world’s fastest-growing, most resilient markets. It is the next trillion dollar industry. And yet, the majority of opportunities in wellness still await the individual entrepreneur.

,,There has never been a better time to start,” says the creator of Wellfest Curaçao and the Wellness Farm Korra Pieters-Juliana, referring to the new national decree on the development of an Economic Zone for non-medical treatments and wellness initiatives. ,,We need to brand Curaçao as a wellness destination.”

Climate action needed for Paris goals. It is now up to Parliament

Willemstad – Curaçao undersigned the landmark Paris agreement on climate change, which entered into force on Nov. 4, 2016.  A coalition of the world's largest polluters and small island nations threatened by rising seas pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to keep global temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius. Curaçao, one of the world’s biggest polluters per capita, has yet to produce a policy program document and action plan.

Mangroves for coastal defense. How to reduce waves naturally..

Mangroves can contribute to risk reduction in many coastal settings, according to a report by Wetlands International and The Nature Conservancy, offering guidelines for policymakers. ‘In some places this role of mangroves can be enhanced by combining the protection benefits with other risk reduction measures, making them part of a wider coastal defense and disaster risk reduction strategy.

Understanding Cholesterol

Cholesterol is so important to the body that it makes it itself. Your body does need food to fuel the cholesterol production process, but it can be virtually any kind of food, even the cholesterol-free kind.

‘Sun tax? It doesn’t have to be a problem.’

Supplier and installer of solar panels Eco Energy lost almost all of its business in Curaçao, after the introduction of Sun Tax in 2014. Nonetheless the company acknowledges the need for this monthly fee for the use of solar installations. ‘The fee itself is not the issue,’ says general manager Eelco Baak, ‘but we do think it is too high.’

Foundation Tooby and Tooby-projects aim to make kids aware of environmental issues in the world (including the beautiful island of Curaçao) like waste disposal and pollution. It also emphasizes the importance of solutions that we, as ordinary people, can contribute to in our everyday lives, such as recycling and reducing.
Bedrijvenplatform Milieu (BPM), internationally known as the Curacao Business Council for Sustainable Development, was founded in November 2007 as a non-profit association for businesses, with its main focus being sustainable development and exchanging knowledge and experience in the areas of Environment, Quality and Occupational Health and Safety management (EQOHS).
In December of 1999 Curaçao Ecocity Projects N.V. started the aloe vera plantation in Curaçao. The plantation covers an area of 10 acres, 5 of which are used to cultivate the more than 100,000 specimens that are growing at our plantation at this moment.